Recently Ostra International concluded a large feasibility study in Pakistan.
This assignment has been executed for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and resulted at the final phase in the design of a large fruit & vegetable auction facility.

Ostra International has developed and designed the following:

Complete design of a fruit & Vegetable auction with a capacity of 7000 ton per day.
All lay-out plans and drawings of the auction (44.500 m2) and surrounding terrain (300.000 m2)
Design includes; cold stores, controlled atmosphere storage (CA-ULO), washing and packing lines, color sorting, quality control systems, etc.
Energy neutral design including biogas and CHP installations as well as solar panels
Detailed investment analyses and proposal
Full cost benefit analyses
Auction management and organization structure (e.g. organogram)
Transparent auctioning system
The goal is to realize a transparent and efficient auction for fruit & vegetables. The new design should give a win-win situation for consumers and producers, whereby producers will receive a realistic price for the quality they deliver, and whereby the consumer will receive quality produce for a fair price.

The first modern auction facility will be realized in Rawalpindi. The next facility will be possibly in Lahore.

This project has been executed in cooperation with HTSPE Ltd. Islamabad, Pakistan