Ostra International is a respected company in the Netherlands, and was built on a solid experience of more than 30 years. Through our network, experience, knowledge, and flexibility we are able to give our customers an optimal service. Working in numerous countries of the world for many years, has contributed to our extensive knowledge and experience.
That is why today we can offer the following projects and services:

International consultancy and advice

Ostra International is specialized in assisting companies and organizations in optimizing their agro food processes. This can be from the design of cold stores, potato & onion reception and grading lines as well as improving roughage technology at dairy and beef cattle farms.
Another service executed through Ostra is exhibition support, promotion and account management in Spanish speaking areas.

Project Supervision, management, technical support and training

The people of Ostra International are frequently hired to work as a senior supervisor or project manager in order to start-up and commission technical agro-food installations worldwide.

A great value is attached to the transfer of technology and the exchange of knowledge, as well as the training of local experts and specialists. Our experienced supervisors and specialists transfer the required professional knowledge and know-how can be made available at the project site.

Feasibility & marketing studies

In cooperation with specialized third parties, Ostra can conduct different (market) studies dependent of the specific needs of the customer. Among other things NIOF, PSOM, PESP, ADB and ORET studies and procedures have successfully been executed. In most cases the people from Ostra are part of a team, executing the technical part of these studies. Ostra International also arranges subsidy procedures, mostly in a consortium in which Ostra takes part.


International supply of machines, equipment and spare parts

We offer know-how in selecting the most suitable and profitable solution for your agricultural implementation, mechanization and installations. Ostra International will cooperate with the best suitable machine factories and suppliers in order to fit your needs.
A part of after-sales is that we offer a fast service with spare parts and technicians flying in.

New, modern machines, equipment, storage technology, tractors and greenhouses have already been successfully introduced in e.g. the following countries: Mexico, Libya, Venezuela, Colombia, Australia, Cuba, Kuwait, etc.

Turnkey agro-food projects

Ostra International can provide fully documented turnkey project proposals and further execute this project completely with selected partners.

Our experience covers sectors as the following:
• Potato cultivation projects
• Potato / Onion warehouse projects
• Cold store facilities
• Handling, grading and processing lines
• Greenhouses
• Fruit and vegetable auction places
• Compound Feed mills, premix factories, aqua feed factories
• Forage and silage mechanization projects
• Milking equipment
• Small dairy processing projects



Ostra International can perform assignments for all agro-food related companies; in short:
• International consultancy and advice
• Project Supervision, management,
• Technical support and training
• Feasibility & marketing studies and subsidy procedures
• International supply of machines, equipment and spare parts
• Turnkey agro-food projects
• Exhibition support, promotion and account management

and many more….

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