Ostra has worked in the following countries;
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Nigeria, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, South Africa, Sudan, Sweden, Tanzania, Tsjech republic, Tunisia, Turkey, the Ukraine, The United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Venezuela, Yemen.

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    Dec 02
    Start-up of animal feed factory in Colombia The first Ottevanger containerized animal feed factory in Colombia has been opened. The factory is producing layer feed with a (...)

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    Dec 01
    Pilot potato project Africa As part of a consortium of Dutch agro companies, Ostra International is involved in executing a pilot potato project in (...)

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    May 19
    Yemen 2014 Recently Ostra International signed a contract for the construction supervision of a modern potato store house and improvement of a (...)

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